Junior bioinformatician or computer scientist: pipeline and data management within the DEO Bioinformatics Unit

We are looking for a bioinformatician or a computer scientist to join our team (https://research.ieo.it/research-and-technology/technological-units/bioinformatics-unit/) for the support of the technological units in our institute (https://research.ieo.it/research-and-technology/technological-units/). The candidate will have the opportunity to be trained and work with the most recent sequencing technologies (NGS, single cell, long reads sequencing), a well as other omics facilities (proteomics, imaging, biochemistry, etc.). The tasks of the selected candidate include, among others, the management of pipeline and data on HPC and cloud platforms.

Place of employment and work

The candidate will be located at the Department of Experimental Oncology (DEO) of the European Institute of Oncology in Milan (Italy), one of Europe’s leading research institutes in biomedical research, where he/she will also interact with one of the largest computational biology communities in Italy. The Bioinformatics Unit supports the technological units and the researchers on the IEO bioinformatics platform, and it is also involved in the development and management of the bioinformatics platform of Alliance Against Cancer, a national Oncology Network.


The candidate should have a good knowledge of the UNIX system and good programming skills (bash, R, python, java) and a background in bioinformatics. Additional experience with containers (docker, singularity), grid computing, web frameworks, continuous integrations will be appreciated.