Post-doctoral positions in experimental and computational genomics - Function of RNA helicases in MYC-driven lymphoma

Two Post-doctoral positions are available in Bruno Amati’s group at the European Institute of Oncology in Milan:

To work on a project addressing the Function of RNA helicases in MYC-driven lymphoma

- Molecular Biologist (Experimental): Culture and manipulation of tumor cell lines;  generation of RNA-seq, Ribo-seq and CLIP-seq libraries for next-generation sequencing; follow-up studies on the identified target mRNAs and associated pathways. 

- Bioinformatician / Computational Biologist: Computational analysis of RNA-seq, Ribo-seq and CLIP-seq data; development and/or implementation of ad hoc analytical tools; database mining; identification of candidate targets and pathways. 

The positions are available from November 1st 2021 for an initial duration of 14 months. 

The project will build upon solid preliminary data in a transgenic mouse model of MYC-driven lymphoma. Our current results demonstrate a critical role for a specific RNA helicase in tumor progression and maintenance. Taking advantage of genetically modified tumor cell lines and advanced genomic technologies, the candidates will address the role of this helicase in the maintenance of transcriptional and translational profiles. Through these approaches, we will aim at unraveling new critical effectors and pathways in MYC-driven tumors, and explore their mechanistic and translational implications. 

The candidates should hold a PhD and proven expertise in a relevant scientific area; specific experience with the aforementioned techniques would be a plus, but is not required.

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