Postdoctoral fellow in Piergiuseppe Pelicci's lab

The lab of prof Pelicci at the dept of experimental oncology of IEO is recruiting an enthusiastic and talented post-doctoral fellow in the context of a project focused on the development of single molecule DNA sequencing approaches, based on the exploitation of the Oxford Nanopore Technology, to analyze the methylation profiles of patients’ leukemic blasts, in order to unravel epigenetic, methylation-related mechanisms of chemoresistance.

The ideal candidate will have previous expertise in cellular and molecular biology, omic approaches,  epigenetics, as well as a strong background in leukemia research. Basic knowledge of computational approaches and a clinical background is highly desirable.

The selected scientist will be offered a 6-month position in the high-level, dynamic scientific environment of the DEO. Salary will depend on candidate expertise.