Postdoctoral position in Piergiuseppe Pelicci's lab

The “Molecular mechanisms of cancer and aging” unit headed by prof Pelicci at the dept of experimental oncology of IEO is seeking an enthusiastic and talented post-doctoral researcher in the context of a project aimed at understanding the evolution of epigenomic features of liver, brain and blood cells during life and during Alzheimer’s disease progression. In particular, the researcher’s experimental activities will focus on the identification of early markers of genomic remodeling that may predict aging and cognitive decline, by exploiting innovative technological approaches. The biomarkers identified will be then validated in human brain samples at different ages and different phases of the disease.

The ideal candidate will have previous expertise in cellular and molecular biology, mouse models of disease, epigenetics, as well as proven knowledge in omic approaches (RNAseq, ChIP-seq,…).

The selected scientist will be offered a 3-month position in the high-level, dynamic scientific environment of the DEO.

Salary will depend on candidate expertise.