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Technology Transfer Office (IEO-TT)

Marzia Fumagalli

Marzia Fumagalli


Telephone +39 02 9437 5179
Location Building 1
Floor 1st
Via Adamello 16, Milano

IEO-TT (Innovation & Excellence in Oncology – Technology Transfer​) is daily supporting IEO researchers & clinicians in their working life with the mission of facilitating the development & exploitation of the research results, through:

  • Early interaction with scientists to help them in identifying & developing the innovative potential within their activities.
  • Scouting of new inventions with strong innovative and commercial potential.
  • Intellectual property protection, i.e. patentability evaluation, patent filing & patent management, copyright & trademarks registration; revision of IP provisions in all contracts.
  • Intellectual property exploitation, i.e. promotion, marketing, business development.
  • Promoting & structuring collaborations with both no-profit & for-profit sector.
  • Start-up creation.

IEO-TT reports to the Chairman of the Department and the decision processes are controlled by an Technology Transfer Internal Executive Board. IEO-TT will consult an External Advisory Board for advices and help in networking.

Chair of Technology Transfer Internal Executive Board

Saverio Minucci

Partnering opportunities
Partnering opportunities
Patent Portfolio
Patent Portfolio
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IEO-TT Contacts