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WoMen in Science Project

Susanna Chiocca

Susanna Chiocca


Telephone 0257489835
Location Building 13
Floor 2nd
Via Adamello 16, Milano

The mission of WoMen in Science is to promote equal opportunities for men and women at IEO and boost women’s’ advancement in scientific careers. Furthermore, we are developing tools to raise awareness of the importance of accounting for sex in biomedical research involving cells, tissues, organoids and animals.

Our Goals are: (i) to implement actions that improve and sustain gender equality and diversity at our institute. In this respect we have created a Gender Equality Plan (GEP) in the context of the LIBRA project; (ii) to create a Mentoring program for our postdocs; (iii) to monitor IEO recruitment process so that there is no gender bias (indeed, 50% of our PIs are women); (iv) to keep attractiveness of IEO as an employer for female scientists; (v) to Increase Work-Life Balance for our employees; (vi) to embrace research with a sex/gender lens.

Indeed recently, a growing movement in science is advocating for the so called “Sex/Gender Dimension of Research – SGR” and we are monitoring this aspect on all our projects and grant applications.

We have been involved in a number of activities.


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